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Key Features

Database of 250,000+ Foods

Create Custom Foods & Meals

Free Barcode Scanner

Set Custom Nutrition Goals

Log Weight, Body Fat %, & Measurements

Upload 3 Progress Pictures Daily

Save Favorite Foods

Access Premade & Custom Workouts

100% FREE

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Beta Info

Welcome to the beta (0.1.0) version of HealthMode: Fitness for Free! This beta phase is crucial for testing and refining the app's features before its final release. Currently in development for iOS and Android

Your Participation

  • Early Access: Use HealthMode in its beta state before public launch!
  • Feedback Opportunity: Your feedback is invaluable. Help us improve by reporting any bugs, suggesting improvements, and sharing your thoughts on usability.

Support and Functionality

  • Limited Functionality: During the beta phase, some features may be limited or unavailable. We're working hard to polish everything for the final launch.
  • Support: We are here to help. If you encounter issues or have questions, please post in the discord

This beta is an opportunity to shape HealthMode: Fitness for Free into the best product possible. Thank you for participating and helping us enhance the overall user experience!

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